Available Floor Plans

Bay Area Homes offers a wide selection of floor plans in addition to the homes displayed in our Model Home Center. For pricing or to set up an appointment, please call (800) 570-8870. To see current display models, please see Model Home Center





HEM 2844-2B

HEM 2848-2B

HEM 2852-3A

HEM 2852-3B

HEM 2854-3L

HEM 2856-3A

HEM 2856-3B

HEM 2856-3C

HEM 2860-3A

HEM 2860-3L

HEM 2864-3A

HEM 2868-4A

HEM 2874-4A

HEM 2876-3D-1

HEM 2876-4A

HEM 2876-4B

HEM 4070-3L